Phil Young and Morag Campbell


For the last 30 years we have been International workshop leaders and trainers. Communication and sharing ideas and information has been a big thing for us and so when we began publishing manuals and books in our chosen fields of therapy and personal development twenty years ago we saw this as another form of communication.

When we decided to give up on our intense international travel schedule  it was a 'no brainer' to decide to focus more fully on the publishing side of our work especially as we are published authors ourselves.

The design aspect of our work has grown from a strong creative drive and developed along side the production of our titles.

Our business ethos is inspired by the Briarpatch concepts created in San Francisco in the 1970's stated as:  

  • You have an insatiable curiosity about how the world works.
  • You seek to do the work you love and to make a living at it.
  • It is more important to you to provide the highest quality product or service than to get rich.
  • But you recognize that you must make a profit to stay in business.
  • You prefer cooperation to "going it alone."
  • You prefer honesty and openness to deception and secretiveness.
  • You believe in personal and social responsibility.
  • You believe in simple living and environmental preservation.
  • It is important to you to have fun in everything you do.

As authors ourselves we know how important your book is to you, how much effort has gone into writing it and how vital it is that it is produced to a high standard that you can be proud of. We work with you to ensure that this is achieved. 

Originally from England (though Phil grew up in Cork city, Ireland) for the last ten years we have lived and worked in Southern Ireland.