Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend.

Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. ~ Groucho Marx

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Polarity Therapy where Energy meets Structure and Function POLARITY THERAPY where Energy meets Structure and Function

Phil Young

A revised edition of The Art of Polarity Therapy. Contains expanded theory behind many Polarity techniques and an extensive chapter on Phil's unique take on the Structure of the body.




A.L Kitselman

Following a long series of successful experiments in 1933, aimed at predicting the results of a simple coin toss, A. L. Kitselman realized that human consciousness must be able to operate outside of the constraints of time and space. Further studies led him to believe that spiritual masters possessed this ability. He draws strongly on the Theravada Buddhist tradition as outlined in the Patisambhidamagga or Path of Discernment

tao teh  king A.l. Kitselman


a re-statement by A. L. Kitselman

Originally published in 1936 this faithful reprint of Kitselman's restatement of the Taoist classic the Tao Teh King is lavishly illustrated with over 45 black and white photographs and includes the transcription of an audio lecture given by Kitselman's in 1953 on his discovery of the Tao Teh King as a form of non directive psychotherapy. This presentation volume is published in Hardback only.

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small_cover_100dpi.jpgE-Therapy Lectures

What Integration is About, The Four Unthinkables and The Easiest Way. By A. L. Kitsleman

The Institute of Integration, founded by A. L. Kitselman in the early 1950s, produced a large library of audio tapes on personal psychological integration. Kitselman felt that three of those lectures, concerning the process of integration through ‘E-Therapy,’ were of such significant and special interest as to warrant printing them in booklet form in 1960. This volume faithfully reproduces those lectures — What Integration is About, The Four Unthinkables and The Easiest Way, as well as including a new introduction to her father’s work by his daughter Khema Rani Kitselman.

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E Therapy by A.L. Kitselman mwipublishingE-Therapy

Kitselman was, among other things, a pioneer of meditative therapy. His special interest was in Integration and the pursuit of the integrated human being. E-Therapy, though originally printed in early 1950's, stands the test of time and is of special interest to everyone interested in self improvement.

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The Eyes of Anaskwa

David Kala Ka La

The Eyes of Anaskwa is a highly unusual story, fundamentally spiritual in nature, filled with reflections and observations on the ways of those on the path – whether they know it or not – and some of the ways of the earth and the universe in which we live. With echoes of Herman Hesse and Carlos Castaneda this is a mythic tale of reality told by a master story teller with quotes from ancient spiritual books that serve to both intrigue and illustrate the teachings within its pages. An Amazon kindle book.  



Alan Siegel & Phil Young

This best selling hands on practical guide to the techniques of Polarity is a must for anyone interested in energy bodywork. Lavishly illustrated with easy to follow instructions. also published in Italian and in Estonian



 Morag Campbell

A charming guide to how the natural elements affect us and how knowledge of them can aid our understanding of human behaviour. The archetypes of the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether are  supplemented by personality traits, communication styles and health issues.  A great addition to any therapist's or astrologer's bookself and a good read for anyone interested in personal development. also published in Italian and on Kindle.


choice_point.jpgChoice Point

A.W.Antony  - Healing our Hearts, Saving our Earth

In Choice Point, A.W.Antony suggests that we have arrived at a point where human consciousness, in its current state, is incapable of negotiating the increasingly complex and dire environmental challenges we now face as a result of the technological revolution.  On this basis, he suggests that the challenge of “sustainability” is not one which is amenable to a purely technological fix and may, in fact, require no less than a revolution of consciousness. VISIT www.choicepoint.ws

 pranotherapy.jpgPRANOTHERAPY The Origins of Polarity Therapy & European Neuromuscular Technique

Young, Varma and Stone

In this volume, which includes a faithful reproduction of Dewanchand Varma's original book on Pranotherapy, the reader can trace one of the early developmental branches of modern manual therapy and learn something of the eccentric life of one its early pioneers in the West. Phil Young has drawn the threads of this development together with the inclusion of the previously unpublished notebooks of another such pioneer, Dr Randolph Stone, a contemporary of Varma who, like Stanley Lief the founder of modern European Neuromuscular Technique, was influenced by Varma's work. Stone was the founder of his own system of manual therapy, which he called Polarity Therapy, and although it is similar to Varma's work, it has maintained to this day more of the original vitalistic, energy approach. VISIT www.pranotherapy.com


Andreas Rabagliati

A republishing of Rabagliati's book on Congestion of the Connective Tissues. This pioneering doctor recognised that many ailments actually came about because of over eating which put a strain on the body's connective tissues. The book is a wonderful mixture of the scientific and the esoteric and is complete with self help exercises.The second volume in the Pioneers of Manual Therapy series by Masterworks International. 



Conditioned by society to live and die in a dream world of our own making, author Tony Caves offers a pathway to a state of dynamic ease and alertness. Tony has worked in the field of mental health for many years. He draws on this experience as well as philosophy and martial arts to awaken us to a better way of living. www.mindessence.info


THE POWER OF LOVE  - A guide to Consciousness and Change by Phil Young & Morag Campbell

This unique guide to the ancient teachings of Hawaii, is an indepth exploration of the nature of the soul, body and mind and what it means to be human. It is a book about the active transformative power of love, which is the fundamental nature of soul consciousness, and how it can change your life. Filled with practical exercises to enhance the health and vitality of the physical body, balance the mind and expand soul consciousness, it contains insights to help transform your life and relationships and gives guidance on the nature of soul mates and twin souls.

flamekeeper.gifTHE WAY OF THE FLAMEKEEPER by David Kala Ka La

In this book the author tells of his personal spiritual quest to learn the secrets of what it means to be truely human. An inspiration to all on similar journeys, it is challenging in its honesty and thought provoking in the extreme.


art_of_mental.gifTHE ART OF MENTAL WELLBEING by Tony Caves

This the first book by mental health professional, Tony Caves. This book gives alternative viewpoints on what is classed as mental illness and suggests ways in which patients and carers can empower themselves and regain wellbeing.




Sinead McAteer

The first book of poetry from the pen of Irish poet Sinead McAteer.


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hiding_in_clear_sight_small.jpgHIDING IN CLEAR SIGHT - Poetic Musings and Reflections on Life

Morag Campbell 

A Hardback edition of poems reflecting the natural world and sometimes whimsical, sometimes poignant reflections on Life.

in the veinsIN THE VEINS

Dolores Ronayne



This is Dolores' first book of poetry though it is unlikely to be her last judging by the stunning review from renowned Irish poet Thomas McCarthy.