Our authors are unique individuals with a desire to share insights that they have gained through sometimes extraordinary life experiences and which they feel will benefit others.

Alan Seigel MWI Publishing authorAlan Siegel was the founder of The Polarity Center in San Francisco and then New York. He was involved in health care for over 40 years and is a past president of the American Polarity Therapy Association. His book Polarity Therapy - Healing with Life Energy remains our best seller.

celia jennings MWI Publishing authorCelia Jennings has pursued a life long journey of self discovery, beginning with the intellectual study of Osteopathy and then into the exploration of experiential spirituality, Humanistic Psychology and Rebirthing - Breathwork. She plays the fiddle, a 'flying -V' ukulele,and the 'bones'. Celia's unique take on the world is reflected in her writing. She currently lives and works as a therapist in Dorset. England.

 tony caves MWI Publishing authorTony Caves is a freelance teacher, trainer and therapist specializing in mental wellness. He has spent many years working with those designated ‘mentally ill’, their carers and their families. He has also spent many years teaching, lecturing and training on a variety of topics. Tony has a lifelong interest in the application of practical philosophy and practices such as meditation and martial arts and their application to human wellness. He has recently relocated to Australia (2009).

morag campbell MWI Publishing authorMorag Campbell is an author, teacher, Polarity therapist and Nature mystic. Her books cover a range of topics from Hawaiian spirituality, the natural elements, a fairy story with a difference, and self help books. Her writing style is descriptive and engaging, appealing to a wide audience. She has a life long interest in all aspects of communication, believing that clear communication is at the root of all powerful relationships, both personal and transpersonal. She lives in Southern Ireland with her partner Phil Young and a tree climbing dog called 'Spike.'

 phil young MWI Publishing authorPhil Young is a master Polarity practitioner and educator who also has a unique connection to the people and traditions of the Hawaiian Islands. Through this connection, he endevours to uphold a disappearing culture, with its remarkable take on life and to introduce it to those who live far from this island paradise. He is the mastermind behind The International Polarity Education Alliance, an abundant and unique resource for the Polarity community worldwide.

David kala ka la MWI Publishing author

David Kala Ka La is a life long spiritual seeker whose mind is as razor sharp as his wit. He is engaged in a constant journey into the depths of what it truly means to be human. A very private person, he seeks to hide his talents well, but every so often thankfully, they escape and we are subjected to his keen, 'no punches pulled', insights into the human condition. He lives in the United Kingdom and plays the shakuhachi and kyotaku....beautifully!

jane seaman MWI Publishing author
Jane Seaman is an accomplished Natural Health Practitioner with a strong spiritual connection to the Hawaiian Islands and a keen interest in Huna. She is also an experienced Spa Consultant, who specialises in bringing clients vision into reality. She has worked on projects both in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


sinead McAteer MWI Publishing authorSinéad McAteer is an Irish Polarity Therapist and writer. She has written and been published widely on the subject of whole-person healing. She enjoys exploring spiritual traditions from around the world and has a growing interest in Shamanism. Dance is another of Sinéad’s great passions, and she is currently taking an MA in Ethnochoreology at the University of Limerick.


 A.W.Antony MWI Publishing authorA.W.Antony works for a non-profit organization in the United States that endeavours to promote advances in the social justice area.



A.L.Kitselman E-Therapy mwipublishing

 A.L.Kitselman was one of the early pioneers in the field of meditative, and cognitive therapy. He was a remarkable man who was also at  the fore front of early computer programming. He wrote several books on the topic of integration based on his studies of the teachings of such men as Krishnamurti,Lao Tzu, Socrates and many others. 

The words 'I am' are potent words; be carfeul what you hitch them to. The thing you're claiming has a way of reaching back and claiming you!

authors mwipublishingKatie Swan  lives in Dublin Ireland and is a writer of Fiction books. 

authors mwipublishing

Hazel Cooper  lives in West Cork, Ireland where she writes and teaches music.

authors mwipublishingMay Cassidy was born in Derry, Northern Ireland and now lives in County Meath. She holds an Honours degree in History and a Masters in Counselling and is a great grandmother and Reiki master.

finbar.jpgFinbarr Murphy has spent most of his life at sea but has now returned to dry land to begin publishing writings that he began as a boy.