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the skylark finbarr murphy  mwipublishingThe Skylark

Finbarr Murphy

This charming little book by Finbarr is a delight for adults and children alike. A little skylark sets out to find the answer to just one question - 'What is Love?'

Illustrated by Irish artist May Breach

Book cover The Lonely Tree by Morag CampbellTHE LONELY TREE

Morag Campbell

A delightful book for young children. A cute little tree stands in a field. Is she lonely? Each page introduces a creature that comes to visit by day and by night. 

"The book is lovely. I like the boxing hares the best." Izzy age 5

eartthkind mwi publishingEarthkind

Morag Campbell

Once humans and fairy folk lived side by side but in the march of progress the world of fairy retreated. Bran still has the ability to relate to the fairy folk and animals around him and is summoned by the Fairy Council to undertake a journey that will help correct the damage done to Mother Earth by his kind. Reminding us all that the planet is home to all Earthkind.

The Rotten Tale of Montague Menace  by Morag CampbellThe Rotten Tale of Montague Menace

Morag Campbell

The quirky folk of Barnaby Street live a harmonious existence, that is until Montague Menace arrives on the scene. A book for 8 to 10 year olds



Book Cover Countess Tyrone and the Earls by May CassidyCountess Tyrone and The Earls

May Cassidy

The story of  the flight of the Earls in 1607 is one of the most famous and dramatic in the history of Ireland. The event has been chronicled yet the records give only the dry facts of the flight.

In May Cassidy's historical novel we learn more of the emotional impact on the Earls but more so on the women who fled with them, leaving not just their homeland behind but children too.  

Book Cover Heaven's Angel by Katie Swan

Heaven's Angel

Katie Swan

Leaving a nightclub in a drugged state, Lucy Love is run over by a very large truck and killed. God takes her up to heaven, where she becomes a Heaven's Angel and helps people by giving them guidance in the form of ideas and dreams to better their lives. She gets attached to a baby boy and watches him grow up into a fine, handsome, brave, young man. She loves him dearly and she asks God can she go back to earth to be with him as she feels he is her soul mate. Her wish is granted, except she won't have any memory of him, or who she was, and so her new life begins.

Miss Piggot MWI PublishingMiss Piggot

Hazel Cooper

These stories and most of the poems were written in the 1950s by Hazel Cooper when, still suffering the effects of a breakdown in which she lost her musical talent, Hazel turned her interest to literature. Now in her late 80's, she is able once again to enjoy her playing and writing of music at her home in South West Ireland, also giving a few lessons.